The Astronauts Perception

The Astronauts Perception

Time exists because of changes we are able to perceive, of course we are built upon memories.

But we are also built from the perception of forwarded changes, things we are not able to see from our point-of-view.

Are we chained to our past subconsciously?
Will we ever be truly free from yester-day or yester-year?

I truly believe we all suffer from some kind of PTSD

Are these imprints ….an imaginary skeleton that haunts our current perceptions? 

I’d like to believe that we are not a prisoners of the past…


Dreams of the future…….. or perhaps these visions happened and we're stuck in the past waiting for it to happen, living our lives….Eating free will, or the illusion of it…

Letting fate and destiny (such romantic concepts)..

Waiting for a sign????? (seems a little silly and cute)

If we do live in an imaginary life (so says Sartre) an illusion of time (Einstein), 

What draws us into this thing called time? Change?


-inner thoughts of Tamarazara

Man is condemned to be free; because once thrown into the world, he is responsible for everything he does. - Jean-Paul Sartre

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