Lips of Indigo

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time is an illusion and Déjà vu a source memory

that develops from stillness captured.,

now is the moment that is being recreated…..

We humans live to procreate to better our existence….

Perhaps in a selfish manner or perhaps because of our innate desires

To fulfill our programs.


This loneliness we encounter (now and then)

We embed  ourselves in screentime..passing the moments

Of our mundane existence…


I try to…escape,   

maybe.. leaping into timbres that leave me breathless,


Lips of Indigo… connections of lightning..Love?

there is no word that can describe this juncture..


I meditate myself to sleep…hoping my subconscious will find a way

-Tamara Kachelmeier

The truth of the matter is that you already have the answers; you’re just getting in your own way.-Henri Junttila