Will you love me forever and make memories of our days in the sun,
And play pleasant frequencies, and let the truth run in anthem?
Will  you hold the fragile, when moments come back from traumatic bygones?

Cause scars last forever and you'll never see the damage done.
Your embrace lets the fear come undone.
Struggle to be loved.

Locating peace in recollection.....takes again...and again...
and again...and again...... and again... and again.......

Will you love me here? While I'm finding security.
Whisper the words, Your crucial and vital to me.

For the ropes come heart turns a bright crimson.

And I become unburdened and free....freee. freeeeee.....

Will you love me unconditionally?

Written/Performed by Tammy Kay
©2013 All Rights Reserved

“I awoke at dawn, thrown up on a rock, the skeleton of a ship choked in its own sails.”-Anais Nin