Tamara Kachelmeier is an active composer, instructor, film mixer, audio engineer, vocalist, and pianist. She is an imagineering musician, a dreamer of infrasonic schemes.  

Her compositions have been placed in 15 episodes of American Pickers. Tamara reproduced/composed/recorded/mixed/mastered music for Protectors of the Wood Web Series (2018) Iris (2017), Jistus Powetik (2017), and Hot Plate Gourmet (2017), Flora (2018), Valentine X (2018), Snowflake (2018), Emma without Edmund (2018), Cuidad Sin Sueno (2018), You'll Remember (2018), Driving Home (2018), Silent Roar (2018 ) Redemption (2018), and Being Alice (2018).

She has also worked on ADR, foley, sound design and mixing on Snowflake (2018) and Barren (2018), Silent Roar (2018), Song For Our People (2018) Black Wave (2018), and The New Galileos (2018).

Tamara has mixed, recorded, produced, and mastered various artists including Collette McLafferty, Joel Phil, Ozan Aksoy, Mari Solberg, Santiago, Kiss the Tiger, Vibe Theater (Venus), John KixMiller, Fred Thomas, Coyote Love, and Woof! Woof! She recently licensed various compositions to Youtube, IFP, PlayNetwork, MediaNet, and Turkey In-App.